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Amateur radio projects


1. Start here

Tutorials, technical & design - Lots on the basics here

What's radio construction about and how to get started

Parts needed for electronics and radio construction

The four pieces of radio test equipment you really need

Building projects from the schematic diagram - A one transistor crystal oscillator

Introducing the Pixie Hack Challenge


2. LF/MF radio receiving projects

Induction loop audio receiver (video)

A simple crystal set (and Q multiplier)

More crystal sets and experiments

Novel crystal set requires no antenna, earth

Some simple transistor receivers for the AM broadcast band

Regenerative AM receiver

One valve regenerative receiver operates from 12 volts HT video 1 video 2

Converting an AM broadcast receiver to hear 160 metres

High quality AM through your FM stereo

LF to HF converter


3. HF radio receiving projects

A collection of simple transistor receivers and converters for HF

3.5 MHz direct conversion receiver

3.5 MHz superhet receiver

Experiments with ceramic resonator 7 MHz regenerative receivers

Experimenting with the BK1198 receiver IC (Digitech AR1458 conversion)

Simple FT8 and JS8 direct conversion receivers

Starting in simple software defined radio

Binaural and phasing SSB receiver experiments

Ring modulators and Dalek kits for voice scrambling, shifting and sideband inversion

Hear Amateurs on your shortwave radio (BFO)

Hear Amateurs on your FM radio

Car radio tunes the amateur bands


4. VHF/UHF radio receiving projects

Several super simple receivers and converters for VHF

Superregenerative receivers for the FM broadcast band

50 MHz to 146 MHz converter

All bands at once portable AM receiver (video)


5. HF amateur morse transmitters and transceivers (including VFOs)

1000km range with a 3.5 MHz crystal oscillator module transmitter? (video)

Frequency agile 3.5 MHz CW transmitter

Review of and improvements to the Pixie QRP CW transceiver

A page of super simple 1 & 2 transistor 3.5 & 7 MHz CW transmitters

Your first radio transmitter you built yourself - no soldering (video)

Your first radio transmitter can now talk (video)

'Tiny Toy' 7 MHz CW transceiver (video)

'Bigger Toy' 7 MHz CW transceiver (video)

One Valve CW transmitter

Two Valve CW transmitter

Wide-swing variable crystal oscillator

Tinkerings with DDS VFOs


6. HF amateur voice and digital mode transmitters and transceivers

3.5 MHz DSB transmitter

7 MHz ceramic resonator CW transmitter - receiver (video)

Very simple 7 MHz AM transmitter using TL431 audio amplifier (video)

7 MHz frequency agile 2 transistor FM exciter (video)

Badly behaved 7 MHz frequency agile 4 transistor FM exciter (video)

7 MHz FT8/JS8 direct conversion DSB transceiver

Diodes as DSB transmitter finals (high level balanced modulator)

'Micro 40' 7 MHz DSB transceiver

'Beach 40' 7 MHz DSB transceiver

Getting simple DSB transceivers to talk to one another (video)

'Knobless Wonder' single channel 7 MHz SSB transceiver

Tips and tricks for the Bitx SSB transceiver

Tips and tricks for the uBitx SSB transceiver

Phasing SSB experiments

Convert old 27 MHz CB and marine transceivers to 28 MHz


7. Low power educational voice and video transmitters

Very low power MF broadcast 'AM' transmitter with 2 transistors (video)

Low power MF broadcast FM transmitter with 3 transistors (video)

Micropower FM broadcast transmitter with pins and wood (video)

Experiments with low power 27 MHz and VHF transmitters

Experiments with low power UHF transmitter modules

Tests with low power video transmitter circuits


8. Transmitter and receiver accessories

Quick laptop - transceiver interface cable for digital modes (video)

Quick Android - transceiver interface cable for digital modes (video)

Glass CW audio filter (video)

Utility discrete transistor audio amplifier

Signal strength meter uses LM386 IC (video)

Automatic CW CQ caller using an Arduino (video)

Switchable 3.5 and 7 MHz QRP low pass filter (video)

Antenna couplers galore!

Audible antenna coupler adjustment indicator

RF actuated transmit indicator light for QRP rigs (video)

RF actuated CW monitor

A two-way Morse practice set

Build a simple Morse keyer in 10 minutes (video)

Morse adaptor for your VHF/UHF FM rig

1A variable regulated power supply

An electronic stupidity meter (video)


9. Test equipment projects

Squeakie audible RF field strength meter (video)

Handheld transmitter and range testers

QRP power meter

Tweak your RF power meter - here's how (video)

LED voltage indicator for under a dollar (video)

Simple test equipment to build

Measure UHF frequencies with wood, wire and nails (video)

Measure inductance with just two transistors (video)

Dip oscillator for HF

3 - 12 MHz Signal generator

CMOS IC audio oscillator

Dual tone audio oscillator


10. Further information

See Tutorials, technical & design for more educational and experimental reading.


Books by VK3YE

Ham Radio Get Started (USA)

Australian Ham Radio Handbook (Aust)

Hand-carried QRP Antennas

More Hand-carried QRP Antennas

99 things you can do with Amateur Radio

Getting back into Amateur Radio

Minimum QRP

Illustrated International Ham Radio Dictionary

Make your Passion Pay (ebook writing)


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