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Handheld transmitter and range testers

Three simple tips to test handheld VHF or UHF transmitters for operation and range.

1. Handheld transmitter tester

A simple trick with two telescopic whips, a diode and a buzzer to tell whether your handheld transceiver if putting out RF or not. The whole thing is powered by the signal from the transmitter. More powerful transceivers can sound the buzzer from a longer distance.


2. Handheld or mobile transmitter range tester

This is a simple hook up to a home or mobile transceiver that causes it to send a brief signal when a transmission is picked up from the handheld or mobile transceiver you're testing. It's a bit like kerchunking a repeater. Once you get out of range it fails to respond. Access is needed to the speaker and push to talk connections. Exact details may vary between transceiver models so you may need to change some component values and connections to work with your particular rig.


3. Another range tester using a single Baofeng transceiver

This one needs an external speaker/microphone. Add a few parts and start range testing today!



Both projects use common electronic parts. Consider the following if you don't already have them.


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