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7 MHz FT8/JS8 direct conversion DSB transceiver

The direct conversion receiver/DSB transmitter architecture is not only good for simple voice transceivers but also handy for simple rigs for WSPR, FT8 and JS8. If you're unfamiliar with it watch the videos about simple FT8 and JS8 direct conversion receivers.

Here we go a step further and turn the receiver into a transceiver. It's not very complicated. The local oscillator stays the same while the mixer can do double duty as a balanced modulator on transmit. The main stages you need to add are two or three transistors to amplify RF and switching arrangements for the antenna. Also, and I highly recommend this, automatic transmit / receive switching so that you can enjoy the full benefits of these modes, all controlled from the computer.

The first video describes a simple transceiver for FT8 and JS8 on 7 MHz. The second video shows some contacts being made with it.



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