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Tutorials, technical & design


Get a feel for electronics with circuit bending NEW!

Obtaining parts for free - off the street NEW!

Obtaining parts cheaply - from hamfests NEW!

Electronic components and what they do NEW!

Understanding radio circuits through block diagrams

Inside electronic and radio gear NEW!

A look at inductors, capacitors and tuned circuits

Experiments with variable crystal oscillators NEW!

Some things you can do with a Nano VNA NEW!

Receiver and transmitter circuit design and testing

Modifying QRP circuits to operate on another band

Arduino for amateur radio NEW!

Electronic construction safety and methods

Troubleshooting, noise and interference NEW!

Testing some cheap electronic modules NEW!

Testing hand-cranked generators NEW!


Why bother messing around with radio-electronics?
You can do things like this.



More projects are described at Amateur radio projects.


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