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More crystal radios and experiments

One thing that appeals about crystal sets is the number of variations. Even constructors who mainly build more advanced projects will every now and then build a crystal set because they read about some refinement that piques their curiosity. Then there are those who started with a very compromise 'child's toy' kit crystal set. That may only have received one or two stations. But application of knowledge, better antennas, better earths and different circuits can bring in more stations.

So if you enjoy tinkering with crystal sets check out the experiments and ideas I've tried and demonstrated below:

Almost solderless crystal set


Variable inductor crystal set drives a speaker


An electret microphone crystal set


Crystal set experiments: Signal strength meter and different detectors


The silicon diode crystal set that needs watering


Crystal set under a 100kW broadcast station - how does it sound?


Which crystal set kit to get?


10 reasons why your crystal set doesn't work (and how to fix it)


If you are in an weak reception area for AM stations or lack space for a good outside wire antenna, you might not have much luck with crystal sets. If so I suggest building a simple transistor radio instead as this will hear more stations from longer distances.


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