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Experiments with ceramic resonator regenerative receivers

Regenerative receivers are great fun but they can drift or be pulled by strong signals. Also they use coils or toroids that some people don't like winding. Lately I've been experimenting with a form of regenerative receiver that uses no tuned LC circuit. It delivers stable and predictable performance suitable for use as a companion to a QRP transmitter. The only downside is that its coverage is limited by what ceramic resonators you can buy since these form its frequency control element. This is no hardship on bands like 7 MHz where ceramic resonators exist for the amateur bands and can be pulled down in frequency to cover a substantial and useful portion of the band.

These videos document my experiments with this interesting receiver configuration.

My first version

Now with a transmitter section added

Another receiver with a better audio amplifier

A third and even better receiver with a 30 watt transmitter added

  SV3ORA has done even more experimenting with ceramic resonator regenerative receivers and has documented ideas and results here.



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