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Six metres on your two metre receiver

This converter allows reception of six metre signals on a two metre receiver. It should therefore be useful for those with single or dual band sets that do not cover 50 MHz.

To eliminate the need to obtain a special crystal, the local oscillator is a computer crystal oscillator module operating near 48 MHz. The output of these modules is rich in harmonics. In this case two tuned circuits are being used to pick off the second harmonic near 96 MHz. This provides 48 to 52 MHz coverage on a receiver tuning 144 to 148 MHz. Of course if your set tunes 148 to 150 MHz, reception of the complete 6 metre band, including the FM segment, becomes possible.

circuit of 6m to 2m converter

A frequency counter or spectrum analyser is desirable so that you know that the local oscillator tuned circuit resonates on 96 MHz. If lacking these instruments, an FM broadcast receiver should also work. If 48 MHz modules are not available, some juggling with modules on other frequencies and a different receiver tuning range should provide results equal to those obtained in the prototype.



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