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Inside electronic and radio gear

Several videos explaining the insides of various pieces of electronic and radio equipment. They range from cheap to dear, toy to professional, and homebrew to commercial. Some of the radio transceivers featured have been converted for use on the amateur bands.


Inside a solar powered transistor radio


AM clock radio teardown


Kmart's $2.50 amplified mushroom speaker


Smithsonian crystal radio kit


Tandy/Radio Shack 'Science Fair' electronic kit


1970s 'Einstein' electronic memory game


Useful bits inside a compact flourescent light


A TV antenna balun transformer


A homebrew crystal calibrator used for frequency measurements


A homebrew direct reading capacitance meter


A Seacom 2 MHz AM marine transceiver on 160m


Inside a PCM Hawk SSB transceiver and how it works


Inside an AWA 25M carphone VHF transceiver


Bringing a Midland 70 340 VHF transceiver back to life


An oBike's electronics


An oBike's generator


More on electronic theory and components is contained in the following:

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