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Get a feel for electronics with circuit bending

Here I'm going to assume you know nothing about electronics. You might have only occasionally seen a circuit board and don't know what the parts do.

There's different approaches to learning. You could read screeds like on this website describing the functions of various components. Or you
could just get some free battery-powered electronic toys (that you don't mind breaking) and learn what happens if you touch various parts of the
circuit board (preferably with sweaty hands). This is called 'circuit bending' as you're getting sounds from the toy that were not intended. That's
an anarchic way to learn electronics but some people prefer it. Enjoy these videos for tips on starting.


Circuit bending electronic toys (introduction)


Circuit bending three more electronic toys


7 simple circuit bends for a hard to bend toy



Wish to learn more?
Descriptions of what common components actually do are here.


Some handy reference books on electronic components and circuits:

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