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Receiver and transmitter circuit design and testing

Assorted videos on the design and testing of receivers and transmitters.


Direct conversion reflex receiver concept & execution

  Anatomy of a homebrew 40m superhet receiver


Testing opposite sideband rejection of SSB receivers with an Android mobile phone


Taming a 144 MHz direct conversion receiver


Slope detecting 2 metre FM signals on an AM car radio


A chat about very simple CW QRP transceivers


A QRP CW transmitter RF power amplifier chain


How much power is your antenna coupler losing?


Anatomy of a 30 watt 7 MHz CW regenerative transceiver (and a DX demonstration)


Transmitting and receiving on the right frequency with a direct conversion CW transceiver


Anatomy of a homebrew 40m superhet CW transceiver


Homebrew QRP 7 MHz SSB transceiver: circuit anatomy


Walk through an ultra-simple 7 MHz phasing SSB transceiver


Trying Tinkercad for circuit simulation


More on receiver and transmitter design is contained in the following:

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