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Obtaining electronic parts cheaply - from hamfests

Hamfests and vintage radio junk sales are great places to obtain parts cheaply. Very often you will find items
that are either rare or expensive new. And while older stuff is heavier and clunkier than new equipment it is
often made well, especially if it comes from an ex-commercial source.

Hardware like boxes, connectors, baluns, antenna switches and other accessories can be good finds, helping you
to set up a station for a fraction of what you'd pay new. Air-spaced variable capacitors and rotary switches are
other great finds perfect for antenna coupler projects. However it's handy to have some knowledge as to what is
good and what should be left on the table. For instance some coaxial antenna switches are very poor quality that
will lose much of your signal. You don't want one of those. If you're just starting out go along with a more
expeienced friend if you're thinking of making a large purchase or are looking for a particular item.

There's some huge opportunities for bargains at hamfests. Including at the end when stuff is sometimes being given
away. These videos give a flavour of some of my recent acquisitions. Attend the hamfests you can or miss out!


A box of hamfest freebies


All for one dollar


Mystery hamfest bargains


All for just six dollars



A hamfest haul in 2021


What to do when you have too much


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