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Electronic components and what they do

Videos on electronic components and what they do. Connecting several together (the right way)
brings them to life in a circuit which forms the basis of every piece of electronic equipment.

A look at switches


Fun with variable resistors


Different types of capacitors


Make your own capacitor with stuff from the kitchen


An introduction to variable capacitors


Fun with neon lamps


Back to basics with flashing LEDs


A 'reverse avalanche mode' transistor LED flasher


CMOS IC single letter Morse generator


Light dependent resistors


Uses for piezo transducers from old smoke alarms


Try a piezo transducer on your crystal set


Amateur uses for some cheap crystals and oscillator modules


Testing quartz crystals with an HF receiver


Pet shop pill gun variable inductor


Make a sliding variable inductor


Winding toroids


Prefer to read?

A more in-depth treatment of what the common components do is here.
I also recommend articles on the Talking Electronics website.


Some handy reference books on electronic components and circuits:

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