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Obtaining electronic parts for free - off the street

Some areas have annual kerbside 'hard rubbish' collections. Many electronic items, some still working, get left out.
They can be a source of parts that more modern items lack. For example old 'slide rule' dial AM/FM transistor radios
have variable capacitors that newer push-button tuned digital radios lack. These can be useful in various receiver,
transmitter or antenna coupler projects such as described elsewhere here.

Other items may be fixable by someone with a little experience in electronics. Then there are the cast-offs whose
former owner doesn't know or doesn't care about their value. For instance old telephones or early transistor radios.
Clean it up, sell it on eBay and there's the funds to buy a Nano VNA or some good books.

The videos below show some street finds and possible uses for them.


Hard rubbish 2016


Kerbside rubbish 2017


Nature strip electronic junk pickings 2018 - Part 1


Nature strip electronic junk pickings 2018 - Part 2


Nature strip electronic junk pickings 2018 - Part 3


Street finds 2019 - Part 1


Street finds 2019 - Part 2


Street finds 2020


Taking things apart


An AM clock radio teardown


Making use of parts from discarded computers


Uses for plastic corflute material


The serendipity of salvaged materials when making things


More on radio theory and circuits is contained in the following:

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