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Troubleshooting, noise and interference

Homebrew gear does not always work first time. Even if it appears everything is constructed as per the circuit.
Stages can be unstable. Amplifiers can oscillate. Noise from one part of the circuit may be getting in to sensitive
radio and audio amplifier states elsewhere in the circuit. And you might be getting interference from electrical
and electronic equipment around the house. Bad connections can not only prevent something from happening but also
generate hard to find interference. These videos show problems I've had and how they have been solved.


Losing most of your signal - tests with lossy coaxial cable


Don't trust all SMA - SO239 connectors


Not all BNC connectors are equal


How much power is your QRP antenna coupler losing?


Fixing a QRP antenna coupler


Debugging an LM386 audio amplifier circuit


Troubleshooting a Pixie QRP transceiver kit


How to tame parasitic oscillations in variable crystal oscillators


Removing DDS generated noise from a QRP transceiver


Importance of inspecting and maintaining antennas (especially if used in salty air)


Hearing broadcast stations in the amateur bands? This could be why


The best thing you can do for your ham station
(removing interference from local sources)


Tracking down an interesting RF noise source outside


More on electronic theory and components is contained in the following:

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