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Inductors, capacitors and tuned circuits

You pretty much don't have radio without inductors, capacitors and the tuned circuits they form when connected.
These videos explain a little about these parts and some tricks you can do with them.


Demonstrating Capacitance, Inductance, Reactance and Frequency


Lower capacitance from a two gang variable capacitor


What to do if they stop making variable capacitors


Calculate tuned circuit values in your head


A look at frequency reactance nomographs


The best way to connect a trimmer capacitor in an RF circuit


Testing a parallel tuned circuit


Two tricks with tuned circuits


Low pass filters: How one capacitor can make a big difference


Experiments with a biscuit tin cavity filter for UHF


Testing materials for RF properties with a simple receiver


You can learn more about inductors, capacitors and tuned circuits via the following references:

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