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Antenna projects


1. Home station

Loading up a G5RV as a vertical on various frequencies (video)

Adding 80m to a 40m dipole with little extra space required (video)

Build a trap dipole for 7 and 14 MHz (video)

Antennas for confined spaces

The versatile end-fed wire

Home station 100 watt magnetic loop for 40 metres

Home station QRP magnetic loop for 160 to 15m

Making open wire feedline (video)

A home station tilting timber antenna mast (video)

A 12 metre Spiderbeam pole used at home (video)


2. Portable antennas

Portable antenna masts

Antenna couplers galore!

A compact L-match ATU for portable use

Some notes on ground tuning units NEW!

15 portable HF wire antennas to try

The urban antenna forage NEW!

HF from a wire along the ground NEW!

Experiences with kite-supported wire antennas

The 'Shoddytenna' 160m vertical for portable use

Using sports oval light poles as an antenna on 160 metres NEW!

160 & 80m coax loop antenna and coupler NEW!

Roll up coax cable 40 - 20 metre magnetic loop

Five really compromised portable magnetic loops NEW!

Couple into tall poles with a Rowland Ring NEW!

Some simple portable antennas for 10 & 6 metres NEW!

Super simple 2m & 70cm antennas for FM, SSB & digital modes NEW!

Build a hanging dipole for 2 metres

4 element portable yagi for 2 metres

Importance of inspecting and maintaining antennas used in the salty air (video)


3. Pedestrian mobile and ultra-small antennas

Ultra-light pedestrian mobile magnetic loop for 40 to 10 metres

Pedestrian mobile magnetic loop for 40 to 10 metres

SummerLoop II: Pedestrian mobile magnetic loop for 20 to 6 metres

Hand held pedestrian mobile HF whip

Wadetenna for pedestrian mobile HF

Transmitting from public transport


4. The best antenna of the lot


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