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Wadetenna for pedestrian mobile HF

Picture of Wadetenna

The Wadetenna is my favourite and most effective antenna for HF pedestrian mobile. It operates on all bands from 7 to 50 MHz and performs as well as a full sized antenna at home.

It's not for everyone everywhere. This is because it requires a body of salt water that is safe to walk in and has no or only minor tidal variations. This is so that while your feet will get wet your equipment won't. But if you live in such an area you'll have some great results. This is because it's more efficient than a magnetic loop and can be collapsed to carry in a backpack. Band changing is easy and the low radiation angle make it an excellent DX and contest performer. Even more significantly is that it lacks a trailing radial that is such a nuisance when operating pedestrian mobile.

The videos below show how the Wadetenna developed from an experiment to a practical multiband antenna. The earlier ones contain more detailed descriptions while the later ones mainly show the results achieved.



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