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Some notes on ground tuning units

Ground tuning units are sometimes useful if using a vertical antenna that depends on a counterpoise. The videos below describe the ones I've built.


Pedestrian mobile ground tuning units

This is my first ground tuning unit. I made it when developing what became the Wadetenna. The ground tuning unit was used
with a trailing radial. Unfortunately the GTU's setting varied with the ground conditions. And the radial was inconvenient for other reasons.
So I abandoned that idea in favour of walking in the water with a submerged contact ring. The GTU became an L-match antenna coupler
to allow the antenna to work on multiple bands.


Larger ground tuning unit

This is my larger ground tuning unit. It's been used during various outings while portable including loading up a light pole on 160m.


Beach vertical antenna with small counterpoise and ground tuning unit

Sometimes, especially in a public place, it can be inconvenient to have wire radials. Particularly if you want them
to be elevated. One approach is to have a short counterpoise and a ground tuning unit. The results were good as you can see here.



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