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Ultra light pedestrian mobile magnetic loop for 40 to 10 metres

This is the first 7 - 28 MHz magnetic loop I built for HF pedestrian mobile, mainly as an experiment. I made use of extension cord flex, timber dowelling and garden water fittings to hold it all together. Unlike my other loops it was designed to be collapsible. The loop works best on 10 metres, and as would be expected, least well on 40 metres. Still, I've had some contacts there.

This loop is an example of what not to build if you want an efficient magnetic loop. But it wins for lightness and collapsibility. If you don't need it to be collapsible and can tolerate a little more weight, the Pedestrian mobile magnetic loop for 40 to 10 metres is a much better performer and a more highly recommended project.

These videos of the ultra light loop show its construction and on-air results. Note that many of these contacts were made during the solar peak and higher HF band conditions are less favourable today. Nevertheless it should still be suitable for summer sporadic-E contacts on bands like 10 metres (although for that I use the SummerLoop II these days).

Loop construction

  Loop on air



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