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VK3YE Radio Books

Information for amateur radio beginners

Tutorials technical and design

About shortwave listening

About CB radio

VK3YE articles from Amateur Radio Magazine

VK3YE radio equipment and reviews

VK3YE QRP low power amateur radio

About VHF/UHF scanning

About outback and marine radio

VK3YE out of date articles

VK3YE projects and technical

VK3YE radio antenna projects

VK3YE YouTube videos

VK3YE Radio Books

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Books by VK3YE

Ham Radio Get Started (USA)

Australian Ham Radio Handbook (Aust)

Hand-carried QRP Antennas

More Hand-carried QRP Antennas

99 things you can do with Amateur Radio

Getting back into Amateur Radio

Minimum QRP

Illustrated International Ham Radio Dictionary

Make your Passion Pay (ebook writing)


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