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VK & ZL email group

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The VK-ZL QRP Mailing List is a way to get in touch with VK-ZL QRPers on-line. By subscribing to the list you can read about other people's QRP projects, test a new transmitter by arranging a sked, ask a technical question or enquire about the availability of a hard-to-get part.

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Subscribing to this list costs nothing. Every active VK-ZL QRPer should be on it. Users have the option to write and view messages on the web (as above) or send and receive them as email.

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  Note: vkzlqrp started on Yahoo Groups (or its predecessor) in 1999. It shifted to groups.io in August 2017. All subscribers with a current email address have been moved to the new host. The old Yahoo group has now been closed and past messages and files from it have been moved to the new group.


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