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The importance of finding low noise locations to operate from

Every stargazer should experience at least one clear night in a remote location far from urban light pollution. They will be amazed at what they see, including faint stars and the Milky Way.

It's the same with short wave listening and amateur radio operating. Even if you think you've got your RF noise problems at home sorted out, there's almost always somewhere that's quieter.

And it's a great treat to visit there and hear DX and low power stations you can't from home. I talk about it more in the first video where some HF contacts were demonstrated.

The later videos demonstrate reception from even quieter locations in southern Victoria and Tasmania.


Bayside Melbourne





Stony Point


French Island


Southern Tasmania



Further information

These favourably reviewed books may be useful for those seeking more information on long distance receiving, equipment, antennas and operating.


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