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Experiences on 630 metres

630 metres is an interesting band. It's challenging to radiate a signal, especially if you have limited space for an antenna. Nevertheless it supports long distance groundwave propagation better than higher frequency bands like 160 metres. This means that even if your antenna is more lossy there are certain distances where signals on 630 metres can be stronger than those on 160 metres, especially during the day. Australian amateurs first got access to 630 metres in 2013. These videos show my experiences with the band since then.

First signals

The first 630m activity heard in Melbourne, Australia.


Reception from near the beach

Receiving VK3KHZ beacon on 630m on converter with ferrite rod.


160m WSPR tests - from home and portable

Transmitting 630m WSPR with 200mW from a Zachtek WSPR transmitter. Firstly from home and then portable.


Comparison with other frequencies

Before VK amateurs got 630 metres some had experimental licences for frequencies around 500 kHz. There they had to use an experimental callsign.
These videos are a comparison between VK3XU on 2200m and him as AX2VKW on 507 kHz.


Further information

These favourably reviewed books may be useful for those seeking more information on 630 metre equipment, antennas and operating.
Much information in them about 160m can be scaled up to 630m.


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