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Walkie talkie reviews and range tests

A selection of videos where I review and range test various walkie talkies that are so low power they don't require a user licence. They range from 1970s 27 MHz AM hissy superregens to the latest 2.4 GHz digital toys.


Dickie 2.4 GHz walkie talkies


Retevis RT-602 UHF FM walkie talkie


Single channel Kmart UHF FM walkie talkies


Comparing 20mW 434 MHz FM walkie talkie with 2w Baofeng


Range testing a 151 MHz wireless microphone


Tandy/Radio shack 55 MHz FM VOX walkie talkie


Some seriously horrible 40.66 MHz toy walkie talkies


Cheap 27 MHz walkie talkies head-to-head (Comparing 1970s, 1980s & 2000s toys)


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