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Reviews of books, videos and apps

There's lots of information on the web and in videos but I find I'm still often reaching for the bookshelf if I'm looking for a circuit or mulling over ideas for antennas. Below are reviews of some popular books you might find useful. Also featured is a review of popular ham videos and apps.


Radio Theory Handbook by Ron Bertrand VK2DQ


International Antennas edited by Stephen Appleyard G3PND


Radio Girl: The story of Mrs Mac by David Dufty


Three basic electronics books reviewed


Soldersmoke: Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics by Bill Meara


A flick through some amateur radio antenna books


15 QRP books reviewed in 7 min


'Amateur Radio' magazine from the WIA


'Diyode' electronics magazine


Ham Radio video and podcast shows


5 amateur radio apps in 5 minutes reviewed


Details of some other QRP-related books are given here.
You can also learn about those I've written here.


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